Tunes / Jingles

give your radio program or website a boost with a custom made, royalty free jingle or tune. Because of my contacts with fellow musicians, it can also contain vocals and / or horns.

Commercials / Documentaries / Voice Overs

Send me a Quicktime movie with the raw video. I can create (royaltee free) music and sound effects to this video. Recording and / or editing of voice over is also possible.

Sound Design

This can be sound effects for commercials or documentaries, but also for software, websites or radio programs. I can create sound effects by means of my large collection of sound samples and soft synths, but also by recording and processing real sounds.

Bass / Chapman Stick parts

Send me an mp3 with a rough mix of a song, and I send you a draft version with a bass or Stick part added to it. If your satisfied, you get a high quality audio file of the bass part, that you can add to your mix. See bass samples below.

Click Tracks

By using click tracks, a band can work with video clips while playing live onstage, for example. I have a lot of experience with creating click tracks, either based on a metronome, or even based on a live recording.

Advanced Audio Editing

Examples of advanced audio editing are: editing of audio files that were recorded elsewhere, seamless merging of multiple songs into one track, pitch shifting or time stretching tracks.


I can create choir, string or horn arrangements, based on an mp3 of a song. It's also possible to create mp3's of the separate voices, so that the musicians can easily do their home work.

Muziek Projects

My studio is too small for large recording sessions, but very well suited for small projects, like singer-songwriter recordings. A Roland electronic drumkit is available for drum recording.