Arranging, orchestrating and recording/mixing for "Fotolijstje"
by Ruurd Walinga. Piano: Robert Hutten

Music tracks for musical "Jona"

Music for website Angela van Arendonk. Piano: Heine Bosma

Music (and acting!) for promo Neopost Technologies
Drums: Neopost Binsorter

Music for corporate film MTD (Client: Vinke Vision)

Music for promo Bolder75
Video and sound effects: Jonathan Both
Opdrachtgever: VBG Bethel

Music and Sound Effects for documentary Holyswitch (Client: Vinke Vision)

Music for corporate movie Daklapack (Client: Vinke Vision)

Music & sound effects for promo JOP (Client: Vinke Vision)

Music & effects for commercial Blauwmeer (Client: Vinke Vision)

Tune Bolder 75 (Project Meer). Trumpet: Matthijs Berends

Tune Royal Mission. Trumpet: Matthijs Berends, drums: Gunnar van der Hoofd

Blauwmeer - music for a commercial for building project Blauwmeer (Client: Vinke Vision)

Holyswitch - fragment of the music from de documentary Holyswitch (Client: Vinke Vision)

Laat het zien - contribution of Sera van der Vijver for the AVRO Junior Songfestival (backing vocals: Gert & Wia van der Vijver)

Creation-rap - written by Gert van der Vijver, used at Children Church of Bethel Church Drachten (vocals: Gert en Wia van der Vijver).

New Mail - computer sound, made with the Stick

Stick Starter - computer sound, gemaakt with the Stick

Stick Starter 2 - computer sound, gemaakt with the Stick

examples of one song in different styles (dutch kids song):

- folk version

- rock version (Lead Vocal: Ebele Wijbenga)

- kids version (Lead Vocal: Ebele Wijbenga)

- Trance version

- jazz version (vocals: Wia van der Vijver)